29. Q&A: Managing Eating Urges and Starting a Meditation Practice

Q&A: Eating Urges and Meditation in Block LetteringOur first Question and Answer Episode! Alen was asked and answers the following:

  • How does one get themselves out of that moment of a binge when you can either go one way or the other?
  • What types of meditation do you do and how did you get into meditating?

Managing Eating Urges and Starting a Meditation Practice

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20. Dr Gail Brenner on Mindfulness and Meditation for Struggles with Anxiety, Depression and Unhappiness

Dr Gail Brenner on Meditation and Mindfulness for Anxiety, Depression and UnhappinessAlen talks with psychologist Dr Gail Brenner about overcoming our struggles with unhappiness and anxiety and how to detach from those thoughts using mediation and other mindful techniques.

Gail shares how it’s possible to go beyond our minds to discover the peace that’s already deep  inside ourselves. Great conversation!

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19. Yoga Therapist Erin Geraghty on Shame, Finding Peace, Meditation, Mindfulness and Body Image

Erin Geraghty on Shame, Finding Peace, Meditation and MindfulnessErin Geraghty talks with Alen about her own experiences with change, overcoming shame, finding peace, meditation and mindfulness.

Erin is a fellow podcaster, life coach and yoga therapist. In this episode Erin discusses the power of getting out of her own head, overcoming the struggles of the mind and trusting in herself. Starting a new business, changing careers, relationships, eating disorders, dealing with shame and finally being okay with the person she truly is.

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Great conversation!

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18. Dr Deb Butler on Mindfulness, Menopause and Starting as a Life Coach

deb040aweb-minAlen talks with Dr Deb Butler about how she overcame her own challenges and became a life coach at age 50 and how she practices and teaches mindfulness.

Deb is a fellow podcaster, board certified chiropractor and acupuncturist. She’s also a certified nutritionist and master weight loss- and life-coach. She has so many wonderful things to share!

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16. Sarahjoy Marsh on Yoga Therapy, Shame & Eating Disorders

Sarahjoy Marsh on Inner EffortA great interview Alen had with Author and Yoga Therapist Sarahjoy Marsh.

Sarahjoy shares her story and struggle with shame and past eating disorders. She goes into incredible detail about the power of yoga and how it impacts the mind and body.

Great conversation!

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12. Alan Eisenberg on Bullying Recovery, CPTSD, Perfectionism, Anger & Mindfulness

Alan Eisenberg on Inner EffortAlan Eisenberg talks with Alen Standish about his adult bullying recovery that stemmed from being a childhood victim of emotional and physical bullying.

Alan helps us understand that the effects of bullying can stay with us for the rest of our lives. He also talks in detail about CPTSD, his struggle with perfectionism and anger and how important mindfulness and taking care of himself were in his recovery.

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2. Candice Esposito on Social Anxiety

Candice Esposito Talking About Social Anxiety on Inner EffortCandice Esposito comes on to talk with Alen Standish about her own struggles with Social Anxiety. Candice is a Naturopathic Doctor who ultimately helped herself learn to manage her Social Anxiety and helps others with her Calm Living Blueprint.

Social Anxiety affects a great number of people in the world. It’s often referred to as “the disorder of lost opportunities.” This is a great conversion that goes deep into Candice’s own past where she describes what having Social Anxiety was like and the tools she used to manage it.

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