10. Joel Robertson on Managing Perfectionism, Judgment and the Authenticity of Being a Late Bloomer

Joel Robertson Forgotten Flix CoverartJoel Robertson on managing perfectionism, judgment and the authenticity of being a late bloomer.

Joel and Alen are great friends and use this opportunity to record one of their many one on one conversations that they frequently have. Joel is a fellow podcaster and shares his challenges with getting started on projects, running a major podcast and discovering who he is.

Joel and Alen are both “late bloomers” and they compare and contrast their stories and what they’ve learned they need to do to push themselves past their own struggles.

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9. Paul Colaianni from The Overwhelmed Brain on Perfectionism and Being Judgmental

Paul Colaianni on Inner EffortPaul Colaianni from The Overwhelmed Brain podcast talks with Alen Standish about his own past struggles with perfectionism and being judgmental.

Paul shares his own story and childhood struggles that led him to become a perfectionist and how that impacted his relationships with others and view of himself. Paul is extremely open with Alen and shares what he’s used in his own life to manage his emotions and behaviors

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