Before You Eat CoachingCast Available!

I am very happy to announce that the Before You Eat CoachingCast™ is now available. Day-to-day and on-demand audio coaching sessions when you need it. Stop overeating and emotional eating!

Before You Eat is a private Audio Coach that will help you learn to manage your eating urges and cravings. 

35. Embracing Discomfort

Embracing Discomfort

I have finally figured out that my biggest challenge now and still ahead is learning how to fully embrace discomfort. Not all discomfort is bad and I don’t run from it all — just a few types of discomfort. In this episode I share my two primary discomforts and how I’m coaching myself to embrace them. Sometimes it’s best to lean into the discomfort. We can still find happiness there!

Embracing Discomfort

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