21. Therapist Leora Fulvio on Binge Eating, Bulimia, Meditation and Perfectionist Thinking

Therapist Leora Fulvio on Binge Eating, Bulimia, Meditation and Perfectionist ThinkingAlen talks with psychotherapist and friend Leora Fulvio. They discuss how Leora overcame a long time eating disorder and the mindset she uses today when she finds herself in challenging situations. They also talk in detail about how she uses mediation and the awareness she tries to maintain about her own thoughts. They also sprinkle in discussions of black and white thinking and perfectionism.

A great conversation!

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16. Sarahjoy Marsh on Yoga Therapy, Shame & Eating Disorders

Sarahjoy Marsh on Inner EffortA great interview Alen had with Author and Yoga Therapist Sarahjoy Marsh.

Sarahjoy shares her story and struggle with shame and past eating disorders. She goes into incredible detail about the power of yoga and how it impacts the mind and body.

Great conversation!

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1. Michelle Cleary on Relationships on Body Image, Eating Disorder Success and Entrepreneurship

Michelle Cleary on the Inner Effort PodcastPsychotherapist Michelle Cleary talks with Alen Standish about a recent struggle that a relationship caused with her own body image, eating disorder success and the mindset she uses to push herself as a small business owner.

Michelle is just so authentic and real. She takes us into the moment of her emotions and does an amazing job describing the inner efforts she used.

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