19. Yoga Therapist Erin Geraghty on Shame, Finding Peace, Meditation, Mindfulness and Body Image

Erin Geraghty on Shame, Finding Peace, Meditation and MindfulnessErin Geraghty talks with Alen about her own experiences with change, overcoming shame, finding peace, meditation and mindfulness.

Erin is a fellow podcaster, life coach and yoga therapist. In this episode Erin discusses the power of getting out of her own head, overcoming the struggles of the mind and trusting in herself. Starting a new business, changing careers, relationships, eating disorders, dealing with shame and finally being okay with the person she truly is.

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Great conversation!

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17. Maddy Moon on Body Image, Being Authentic to Herself, Social Media, Podcasting and Much More

Maddy Moon on Inner Effort with Alen StandishAlen talks with fellow podcaster Maddy Moon about her story that led her to start the popular Mind Body Musings podcast and the different approaches she used to make some major changes in her own life and how she views herself.

When two fellow podcasters get to talking it seems there’s never enough time to cover everything. Nevertheless they still managed to get a lot in and had a great time doing it!

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15. Anita Wing Lee on Traveling as a Career, Happiness, Meditation, Body Image and Entrepreneurship

AnitaWingLee-InnerEffort300x450-cAnita Wing Lee is a life coach, motivational speaker and entrepreneur who has been traveling the world and sharing her experiences on the new social media platform Periscope.

In this interview, Anita and Alen discuss how she was able to make travelling a career for the last several years, how she’s found happiness, her meditation practices, some past body image challenges and also entrepreneurship. Great conversation!

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1. Michelle Cleary on Relationships on Body Image, Eating Disorder Success and Entrepreneurship

Michelle Cleary on the Inner Effort PodcastPsychotherapist Michelle Cleary talks with Alen Standish about a recent struggle that a relationship caused with her own body image, eating disorder success and the mindset she uses to push herself as a small business owner.

Michelle is just so authentic and real. She takes us into the moment of her emotions and does an amazing job describing the inner efforts she used.

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