Before You Eat CoachingCast Available!

I am very happy to announce that the Before You Eat CoachingCast™ is now available. Day-to-day and on-demand audio coaching sessions when you need it. Stop overeating and emotional eating!

Before You Eat is a private Audio Coach that will help you learn to manage your eating urges and cravings.

It’s All About Inner Effort. New Podcast!

Alen Standish announces the Inner Effort Podcast and describes the future of Progress Not Perfection.

Each episode of Inner Effort is an intimate discussion with a courageous guest about the details and mental hurdles of their own personal struggles (past or present, big or small) and the unseen Inner Efforts (e.g. self-coaching techniques, coping tactics, mental tools, resources, etc.) they used to motivate and help themselves during a typical day and through difficult moments.

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Inner Effort is Launching!

On Starting Blocks - Inner EffortWelcome to Inner Effort! Please excuse any problems with the website and lack of text content. We’re busy getting things launched starting with the Inner Effort podcast. There are soooo many interviews to share with you!

Please check back soon. There is so much more to come!

Quit Binge Eating: Choosing Progress Not Perfection. New Podcast Title

The Quit Binge Eating Podcast. Alen goes solo and explains why he’s choosing Progress Not Perfection for the future name of this podcast.