23. Kelly Coffey on Dealing with Shame and Being Authentic to Fight Addiction

Kelly Coffee on Inner EffortToday’s show is about shame and how Kelley Coffey learned to deal with her own feelings of shame to overcome several struggles in her life. Those struggles include how she viewed her body and her self-worth.

In the  conversation we learn how Kelly quit hiding from her feelings, especially those feeling of shame, and how by doing so she went from weighing over 300 pounds to now, and for the last many years, being a popular and well-loved personal wellness coach to hundreds of women. She’s also become a very accomplished blogger and speaker.

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The way Kelly shares her thoughts of shame, and what they did to her on the inside, and now how she handles them today, I found it incredibly moving. We can each relate to her story no matter what our own inner struggles are. Please enjoy.

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