Stop Binge Eating: Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen

Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen was a life changing book for me. I credit it as being the final piece of the puzzle that helped me completely stop binge eating. If you’re a binge eater like I was and have been working on your problem for awhile but just can’t seem to get over the final few hurdles to stop binge eating for good then I strongly recommend you read this book. This is one of those rare books that goes right to the heart of the matter for many of us binge eaters.

How I Stopped Binge Eating with Brain Over Binge

I first heard about Brain Over Binge in early summer 2012. At the time I was actually having quite a bit of success working on my own Binge Eating Disorder problems at the time. I was using meditative therapy and taking a common sense approach to handling many of my own issues. Unfortunately I still occasionally got binge urges that I could not resist. It felt like two steps forward, one step back. After a binge I would have a few down days and then was able to pull myself back out of it. I would always be good for a month or so but then it would happen again. Fortunately I stumbled across a suggestion in some comment on a blog written earlier in 2012 that pointed me towards Kathryn’s wonderful book. I can’t find that comment anymore and I can’t remember who posted it but if it was you and you’re reading this, thank you.

I downloaded Brain Over Binge onto my Kindle and proceeded to read it cover to cover in one sitting. Kathryn had my attention from the very beginning by telling her own story and struggle with Bulimia and the impact it had on her life. Even though I am a male, Kathryn shares her story in such a way that I could relate to most of her same problems. She’s a natural story teller and teacher.

Kathryn frames her problem very succinctly and explains how she used the Addictive Voice Recognition Technique developed by Jack Trimpey’s Rational Recovery program to finally stop her own binge eating once and for all. The way she describes the technique in layman terms and the pure honesty of her story and her telling ability immediately made me want to start trying AVRT myself.

I explained this in more detail when I shared my own story [Click here to read my story]. The premise behind AVRT is our brains are made up of the ancient survival brain (flight or fight) and human brain (modern consciousness) with the survival brain never wanting to feel hunger or pain, only pleasure, with no understanding of consequences.

The survival brain is very powerful and will always try to convince the human brain to give in. AVRT helps you see this struggle for what it is and gives our human brain the weapons it needs to fight back and ignore the urges coming from the survival brain. In my case my survival brain was convincing my human brain to binge eat because my survival brain only wanted to feel good and not empty or hungry. That’s typical of an addiction like Binge Eating Disorder.

Within a few weeks of trying AVRT after reading Kathryn’s book I completely stopped my binge eating. Kathryn – thank you, thank you, thank you. For anyone else reading this, I strongly recommend you check out Brain Over Binge.

What Others Are Saying

Kathryn writes her story in such a way that anyone reading it can relate to her and the techniques she recommends. If you look at all the reviews on Amazon you’ll see almost everyone appreciates this book as well. It appears to have helped many other folks. Kathryn’s blog is filled with people sharing their own stories about how the book helped them also.

Psych Central took the time to write a very complimentary review of the book. I agree with the author of that review in that we all have different stories and backgrounds. Sometimes what works for one person will not work for another. Brain Over Binge may not work for folks who have deep emotional eating issues but if you’re like me and have been able to get started on those problems and now simply need help breaking the binge eating addiction, Brain Over Binge is a great next step to kick off that journey.

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