Private Audio Subscriptions: Help and FAQs

What is a Private Audio Subscription?

Private Audio Subscriptions allow Inner Effort to deliver episodic audio content meant only for you on your own unique timeline via direct download, your preferred podcast app or by email (coming soon).

Private Audio Subscriptions let you easily listen to Inner Effort’s private podcasts such as the Extras and After Shows as well as Inner Effort’s various Guided Moments audio coaching sessions (coming soon).

What does a subscription cost?

All Standard level Private Audio Subscriptions are free! You can register and use any Inner Effort Standard level audio product at no cost!

Certain Standard level subscriptions may be upgradable to Premium level subscriptions. Premium subscriptions unlock vastly more and different types of audio for subscribers. If a product has a Premium level available you can view the pricing and upgrade within the “Profile” section of your subscription.

How do I subscribe?

Within each Inner Effort audio product listing there should be a link or a button to “Subscribe.” That will take you to the Subscribe page for that product. There you need to enter your name, email, accept the privacy policy and terms and “Submit” your request.

Within a few minutes of registering you will receive a confirmation link in your email. Once you access that link your subscription will be activated and you will be redirected to your subscription details. There you can add your password protected podcast feed to a supported podcast app, set your the subscription to email you new episodes (coming soon!) or you can directly download/listen to any already released episode.

How do I manage and access my subscription?

Once successfully subscribed and activated, you can access your subscription using a time limited access link that is emailed to you. At any time you can request to access your subscription by going to the “Access” page for that product. There you will need to enter the same email address that you used when you subscribed and “Submit” your access request.

Within a few minutes of requesting access you will receive your special access link via email. That link will take you to your subscription, similar to when you first subscribed to the product.

What podcast apps can I use with my subscription?

There are a number of different podcast apps and players that support password protected podcast feeds. If your podcast app allows you to manually enter a podcast feed URL and supports secure usernames and passwords then it should work with your Private Audio Subscription.

How do I configure my podcast app?

First, you need your private podcast feed address, username and password. Access your Private Audio Subscription and go to the “Podcast” section. Tap the button to “Show Private Feed,” select/highlight the displayed URL (including the “https://”) and then copy it to your device’s clipboard. Make sure to note the feed’s username and password.

Second, within your Podcast app, choose to manually add a new podcast. Often a podcast app will automatically paste the feed URL from your clipboard into the app’s feed URL field. If not, paste it in manually and then enter the username and password in the fields provided or at the prompts. You may need to next tap “Done” or “Subscribe” to complete the app’s configuration. That should be it!

Here is a list of podcast apps that support Private Audio Subscriptions as well as step-by-step configuration instructions for many of them.