15. Anita Wing Lee on Traveling as a Career, Happiness, Meditation, Body Image and Entrepreneurship

AnitaWingLee-InnerEffort300x450-cAnita Wing Lee is a life coach, motivational speaker and entrepreneur who has been traveling the world and sharing her experiences on the new social media platform Periscope.

In this interview, Anita and Alen discuss how she was able to make travelling a career for the last several years, how she’s found happiness, her meditation practices, some past body image challenges and also entrepreneurship. Great conversation!

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14. Michael Pollock on Overcoming Television Addiction

MichaelPollock-300x359-cMichael Pollock talks with Alen Standish about how he overcame his television addiction.

Michael is a blogger and life coach who struggled with television addiction. Looking back, Michael realized he was using television to avoid uncomfortable thoughts and feelings of depression. It had grown into a habit that stole his evenings and weekends and left him feeling bad about himself.

You’ll want to hear Michael’s story and learn what he did to get his television watching addiction under control.

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13. Megan Messmer on Living Openly with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Megan Messmer on Inner EffortMegan Messmer talks with Alen Standish about her daily struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Megan is a blogger who openly writes about everything. She’s refreshingly honest about her struggles with OCD and the impact it’s had on her life.

For Megan it’s been a story of gradual improvements and small changes — a great approach!

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12. Alan Eisenberg on Bullying Recovery, CPTSD, Perfectionism, Anger & Mindfulness

Alan Eisenberg on Inner EffortAlan Eisenberg talks with Alen Standish about his adult bullying recovery that stemmed from being a childhood victim of emotional and physical bullying.

Alan helps us understand that the effects of bullying can stay with us for the rest of our lives. He also talks in detail about CPTSD, his struggle with perfectionism and anger and how important mindfulness and taking care of himself were in his recovery.

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11. Aaron Walker on Purpose, Gratitude, Perfectionism and Overcoming a Tragic Accident

Aaron Walker on Inner EffortAaron Walker talks with Alen Standish about purpose, gratitude, perfectionism and overcoming a tragic accident.

Aaron Walker is an amazing entrepreneur and life coach. He talks about the importance of living with purpose and intention and the roles they played in his life. He also discusses the different struggles he’s had to overcome including living with the consequences of a tragic automobile accident.

A great conversation!

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10. Joel Robertson on Managing Perfectionism, Judgment and the Authenticity of Being a Late Bloomer

Joel Robertson Forgotten Flix CoverartJoel Robertson on managing perfectionism, judgment and the authenticity of being a late bloomer.

Joel and Alen are great friends and use this opportunity to record one of their many one on one conversations that they frequently have. Joel is a fellow podcaster and shares his challenges with getting started on projects, running a major podcast and discovering who he is.

Joel and Alen are both “late bloomers” and they compare and contrast their stories and what they’ve learned they need to do to push themselves past their own struggles.

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9. Paul Colaianni from The Overwhelmed Brain on Perfectionism and Being Judgmental

Paul Colaianni on Inner EffortPaul Colaianni from The Overwhelmed Brain podcast talks with Alen Standish about his own past struggles with perfectionism and being judgmental.

Paul shares his own story and childhood struggles that led him to become a perfectionist and how that impacted his relationships with others and view of himself. Paul is extremely open with Alen and shares what he’s used in his own life to manage his emotions and behaviors

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8. Debbie Roes on Managing Compulsive Shopping

Debbie Roes Compulsive Shopping on Inner EffortDebbie Roes talks with Alen Standish about Managing Compulsive Shopping

Debbie is completely open and honest about her struggles with compulsive shopping. She and Alen talk about the emotions that drive the need and how she feels when shopping. Debbie still struggles but shares many different tools and techniques that she uses to help herself when the urges come on strong.

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7. Jim Palmer on Surviving a Job Loss, Cancer and Then Becoming an Entrepreneur

Jim Palmer on Inner EffortJim Palmer talks with Alen Standish about surviving a job loss and skin cancer melanoma in his early forties to then follow his dream and become an entrepreneur.

Jim is a family man, business coach and speaker. Listen to learn how Jim faced the mental challenges of these struggles and what he did to start his own successful consulting business.

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6. Sarah Ramsden on Surviving a Brain Tumor & Living with Multiple Sclerosis

Sarah-Ramsden-Inner-EffortSarah Ramsden talks with Alen Standish about surviving a brain tumor & living with Multiple Sclerosis.

Sarah is a nutritionist and podcaster who has been through a lot. She’s a brain tumor survivor and has been successfully managing multiple sclerosis for several years now.

Sarah talks about how she did it with incredible resilience and a real down to earth attitude and approach. And if you’re an introvert you definitely want to hear the aftershow conversation!

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