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Full access to Alen’s Private Episodes and After Shows. Editorials, business and personal updates and special events! Receive new episodes as soon as they get released.

Managing Discomfort Crash Course

Free Audio Course and Guided Audio Sessions! Prevent discomfort from derailing the positive habits you’re trying to make or maintain. Learn to mindfully respond to uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and urges instead of being hijacked by them.

One Thing-a-Day Kick-Start

Free Audio Course and Guided Audio Sessions! A new way to make positive habit changes and make those habits stick without relying on willpower. Challenge yourself to do One Thing-a-Day for 30 days and be amazed at the results!

Before You Eat Mini-Sessions

Free Guided Audio Sessions! Immediate access to three of the premium mini-sessions introduced on Day One of the Before You Eat CoachingCast. These sessions can guide you through certain challenging situations if you are trying to stop emotional eating or binge eating.