Karly Randolph Pitman on Kindness, Perfectionism and Eating Disorders

Alen Standish talks with Coach Karly Randolph Pitman of Growing Human(kind)ness about her past struggles with perfectionism and eating disorders and how she’s become a coach for others.

Motivation During Habit Change with Coach Cookie Rosenblum

Coach Cookie Rosenblum of realweightlossrealwomen.com talks to Alen Standish about how to stay motivated when trying to make a change in habits or behaviors.

Dr Stan Beecham Elite Minds on Performance and Perfectionism

Alen Standish talks with sports psychologist Dr Stan Beecham of drstanbeecham.com about his book Elite Minds. They discuss performance, overcoming self-judgement and perfectionism.

Laurie Weaver of the Compulsive Overeating Diary Podcast

Alen Standish talks with Laurie Weaver, host of the Compulsive Overeating Diary podcast and blog. They discuss what prompted Laurie to start her podcast and the role that being a perfectionist has had in her life and her struggles with overeating.

The Perfectionist, Perfectionism, Procrastination and Shame

Alen Standish talks about being a perfectionist and discusses procrastination, shame, connection and his own recent challenges with them all. He also talks about Brené Brown’s wonderful insights into these challenges and shares how he’s been applying them in his life.

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Quit Binge Eating: Coach Cookie Rosenblum on Emotional Eating and Weight Loss

In this episode of The Quit Binge Eating Podcast, Alen talks with weight loss coach Cookie Rosenblum from Real Weight Loss For Real Women about emotional eating.