Free One Thing a Day and Managing Discomfort Audio Courses

Alen checks in and announces the One Thing a Day and the Managing Discomfort Crash Courses. Both courses are FREE with no need to enter your email address or other personal info to listen. Find them at

Coach Polly Mertens on Creating Deliberate Happiness

Alen Standish talks with coach Polly Mertens from about creating deliberate happiness. Polly and Alen have a great conversation about that elusive “happiness” we’re always hearing about. Polly defines happiness and they have a wonderful conversations about all the different ways we can generate more happiness in our lives. They talk about real ways that anyone can slowly begin to grow the happiness they want to feel in their lives. It’s a great show!

Coach Trish Blackwell on Confidence, Body Image and Perfectionism

Alen Standish talks with fellow podcaster Trish Blackwell of The Confidence Podcast. We learn much more about Trish and her amazing history as a trainer, coach and author. We go into great detail about the importance of how to build confidence in ourselves, handling body image challenges, training, eating and the negative perfectionist voice most of us have. A great conversation!

Sam Lomeli on the Mental Game of Weight Loss and Body Image

Alen Standish talks with fellow podcaster Sam Lomeli from the Tips of the Scale podcast. We learn more about Sam and what he’s come to learn about needing to change our thoughts and assumptions before trying to change our bodies and view of own selves, especially before trying to lose weight. After almost 130 interviews with men and women from around the world, Sam will tell you, it’s all between the ears.

Coach Brooke Castillo on New Habits, Mindfulness and Planning Decisions

Alen Standish talks with Coach Brooke Castillo from the Life Coach School and Podcast. They spend the entire show talking about how to build positive habits and the importance of mindfulness, self kindness and the need to plan decisions. It’s a amazing conversation you don’t want to miss!

Focus on One Thing. Managing Holiday Stress

A rare solocast where Alen Standish shares a very simple approach we all can use to get through the holidays in spite of all the stresses. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years. For many of us, these times can be incredibly stressful. Yikes! But let’s try to keep things simple and focus on Just One Thing.

Dr Tim Pychyl on Procrastination, Mindfulness and Willpower

Dr Tim Pychyl of the Procrastination Research Group and the iProcrastinate Podcast talks with Alen Standish about procrastination and the power of mindfulness, self-forgiveness, planning, just starting and the pros and cons of willpower.

Michelle Cleary Discussing Progress, Perfectionism, Gratitude and Eating Disorders

Psychotherapist Michelle Cleary of talks with Alen Standish about what it means to make progress when recovering from any issue to include eating disorders and perfectionism. Michelle shares a great deal about herself and how she handles situations — great examples!

Laurie Weaver on Perfectionism, Bravery and Intuitive Eating

Alen Standish talks with friend Laurie Weaver of This time we talk more about being perfectionists and how we work through those thoughts and habits. We also talk voice acting, bravery and intuitive eating.