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Embracing Discomfort

I have finally figured out that my biggest challenge now and still ahead is learning how to fully embrace discomfort. Not all discomfort is bad and I don’t run from it all — just a few types of discomfort. In this episode I share my two primary discomforts and how I’m coaching myself to embrace them. Sometimes it’s best to lean into the discomfort. We can still find happiness there!

Coaching Yourself to Just Relax

Fox teaching how to relax on a tree stump

We all should learn how to relax — even just a little bit. We’re told to “just relax” all the time but what does it mean to actually do that? I share one of my favorite self-coaching techniques that I use to quickly calm and relax myself.

You can use this technique at any time to relax and calm yourself. It may not resolve the underlying issue but it will allow you to figure out next steps and where you need to take yourself. Wishing you all my best!

How to Start Feeling Happy

How to Start Feeling Happy pencil with the word HappySometimes we need to prime ourselves to start feeling happy. I’ve struggled with not feeling happy for most of my life. I’m not a naturally happy person but over the last few years I’ve learned to build myself up. Now almost every day I truly feel happy (and content!) and I even (most of the time) wear a smile throughout the day.

Learning to be happy wasn’t easy for me. So hard! It required daily… multiple times a day, focus and intent. Even now I have to pay attention to my mood states so I don’t slip but being happy is now SO MUCH EASIER!

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Building Resilience: Mental Energy vs Willpower

Building Resilience. Mental Energy vs Willpower while looking at a tree on a cliff.Alen talks about the difference between Mental Energy and Willpower. Mental Energy gives us true resilience. Growing our awareness of our mental energy levels and learning how to expand our “battery” capacity bit-by-bit each day makes life flow so much better. Learn how Mental Energy helps us be happy longer and keeps us from falling into mental traps that hold us back.

Surrender, Acceptance and Handling Concerns

Acceptance and Surrender - Let Go!Using Stephen Covey’s Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change, Alen discusses the power of Surrender and Acceptance to manage and let go of concerns. A very powerful tool!

Kelly Coffey on Dealing with Shame and Being Authentic to Fight Addiction

Kelly Coffee on Inner EffortToday’s show is about shame and how Kelley Coffey learned to deal with her own feelings of shame to overcome several struggles in her life. Those struggles include how she viewed her body and her self-worth.

In the  conversation we learn how Kelly quit hiding from her feelings, especially those feeling of shame, and how by doing so she went from weighing over 300 pounds to now, and for the last many years, being a popular and well-loved personal wellness coach to hundreds of women. She’s also become a very accomplished blogger and speaker.

The way Kelly shares her thoughts of shame, and what they did to her on the inside, and now how she handles them today, I found it incredibly moving. We can each relate to her story no matter what our own inner struggles are. Please enjoy.

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Dr. Melanie Harth on Happiness as a Disciplined Practice and Authenticity

Dr Melanie Harth on HappinessToday I’m talking with Dr. Melanie Harth about Happiness and how to make it a disciplined practice we can work towards.

Many folks, myself very much included, don’t have a high happiness set point. For me, I have to work at being and staying happy. Many of us have to diligently practice being happy. When we do, that’s when we experience happiness, and when we experience happiness, we bring in even more happiness into our lives, especially when we are being authentic to ourselves. Change comes from taking action. For many of us, it comes by practicing happiness.

Dr Harth has the same belief about happiness. She teaches and helps others create their own practices. Listen to her story and her experiences. A great conversation!

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