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Why Am I Always Hungry? 10 Ways to Relearn Physical Hunger

Binge eaters with bad eating habits and those who are overweight sometimes ask ourselves “Why am I always hungry?” In my case Binge Eating was bad enough but I also struggled with feeling hungry all the time and was angry at myself for feeling that way. How could I possibly be hungry after having downed 10,000 calories the night before? Why am I always hungry when I just ate dinner an hour ago? Maybe you have or had some of these same struggles? If so then please read on.

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Stop Binge Eating: Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen

Brain Over Binge by Kathryn Hansen was a life changing book for me. I credit it as being the final piece of the puzzle that helped me completely stop binge eating. If you’re a binge eater like I was and have been working on your problem for awhile but just can’t seem to get over the final few hurdles to stop binge eating for good then I strongly recommend you read this book. This is one of those rare books that goes right to the heart of the matter for many of us binge eaters.

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Stop Binge Eating This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! For those of us suffering or recovering from Binge Eating Disorder this holiday can be tricky. The food, friends and family, many of whom we haven’t seen in a year or more, all combined with the other stresses of the holiday could easily send a person into a eating frenzy panic. It could be an emotional eating field day from noon until midnight. But this year I’m going to prepare ahead of time and have a plan for the day so I can keep my resolve and not binge eat this Thanksgiving.

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A Tower Defense Strategy to Stop Binge Eating

If you already read my story [Click Here to Read My Story] you know that I used several different techniques and personal improvement approaches to finally stop binge eating. After going the first month without a single binge I reflected on why I was finally successful and how my new strategy was working for me. I drew it on a sheet of paper and taped it to my wall. Since I’m also a nerd I immediately saw how this strategy was the same general strategy I used when I played tower defense video games (my favorite). That kept me motivated and I practiced the strategy daily to keep from binge eating again.

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Where to Begin to Stop Binge Eating?

Starting Line to Stop Binge Eating

Just like everything in life, beginnings are always the hardest. For authors, writing the first paragraph of the first chapter of a book can often take as much energy as writing that entire first chapter or two. For athletes, getting motivated to start the first workout of the new season can be incredibly difficult. It’s easy to understand why many people give up before they ever begin — it just feels too hard and overwhelming. But believe me, this is a beginning you want to start. When trying to stop binge eating, the toughest challenge is recognizing the disorder for what it is and trying to come up with a plan that will cure yourself.

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