The Before You Eat CoachingCast

Learn to manage eating urges and food cravings with the Before You Eat CoachingCast™. Day-to-day and on-demand audio coaching when you need it. Break the emotional eating habit with your own private podcast loaded with daily coaching sessions, guided mini-sessions, special exercises and much more!

Train yourself to mindfully respond to eating urges and sensations of discomfort instead of letting them mentally hijack you. All sessions developed and narrated by Alen Standish, host of the Inner Effort and Progress Not Perfection podcasts.

30+ sessions delivered over 18 days to teach and guide you. Includes Daily Coaching, Guided Exercises and Mini-Sessions delivered to your inbox and/or delivered to your Podcast App (Note 1)! Includes One Year of Download Access. Restart the series whenever you wish (Note 2).

“This is the easiest and most compassionate method I’m aware of for overcoming binge eating. Alen guides you day by day to take small steps that build upon each other. He doesn’t complicate the process with multiple phases or stages, he is very affectionate and compassionate in the way he presents the podcast, he doesn’t preach anything… Give it a try. It will change the perspective you have of your own problem and will encourage you to go on and get up in your darkest moments” — Maria

Included Guided Sessions:

  • An Opportunity for Gratitude and Love
  • Imagine Yourself Getting Past the Urge
  • Make The Decision to Eat Mindfully
  • Talk it Out
  • Surf the Urge
  • Follow the HALT-B Checklist
  • Tell Yourself You Can Have it Tomorrow
  • Let the Urge Bounce Off You
  • In, Hold, Let Go
  • Take a Mindful Minute
  • Recognize the Early Signs of an Eating Urge
  • Mini-Session: When You Overeat or Binge Eat
  • Mini-Session: When You Think You Want to Quit
  • Mini-Session: When You Want to Celebrate by Eating

Stay motivated and committed. Choose to receive your daily sessions via email or download and listen using a verified Podcast app (Note 1). Works on Internet connected smartphones (iPhone® or Android), tablets (iPad® or Android), laptops and desktops. Add as an icon to your device for easy access whenever when you need it!

“Alen helped me find what I had been missing. Thank you Alen!” — Janice

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Want to learn more? Listen to Alen’s announcement to understand why he created Before You Eat and to get more details about the CoachingCast itself.

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2. When ready to begin simply redeem your Premium Activation code. You will begin the 18 Day series starting with Day 1. You will have continued access to all sessions for up to 1 year from time of original purchase. At anytime you can choose to Restart the series and have the sessions re-delivered starting at Day 1 and arrive as new sessions in email and in your Podcast App. Restarts must be done within 1 year of original purchase and require a separate Restart Code.