Before You Eat CoachingCast™

The Before You Eat CoachingCast™ can help you learn to manage eating urges and food cravings. Stop overeating and break the emotional eating habit!

Mindfully respond to eating urges and sensations of discomfort instead of feeling hijacked and controlled by them.  Before You Eat includes 18 x Daily Sessions and 11 x Guided Exercises developed and narrated by Alen Standish, host of the Inner Effort and Progress Not Perfection podcasts.

“This is the easiest and most compassionate method I’m aware of for overcoming binge eating. Alen guides you day by day to take small steps that build upon each other. He doesn’t complicate the process with multiple phases or stages, he is very affectionate and compassionate in the way he presents the podcast, he doesn’t preach anything… Give it a try. It will change the perspective you have of your own problem and will encourage you to go on and get up in your darkest moments” — Maria

Stay motivated and committed. Start when you are ready and choose to receive your new Daily Coaching Sessions via email, text message1 or a verified podcast app2.

Before You Eat works on Internet connected smartphones (iPhone® or Android), tablets (iPad® or Android), laptops and desktops. Add a shortcut that gives one-tap access to your Favorite Sessions. Listen to or read a Guided Exercise whenever you need it, especially in those moments when you feel an eating urge beginning to form.

Purchase includes the Premium Series (runs for 18 consecutive days) and 1 x year of access via the webplayer and verified podcast app2. You can even download Sessions as high quality mp3 files and play them using your audio player of choice.

Purchase a Before You Eat Activation Code and learn to change the way you respond to feelings of discomfort and eating urges.


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