About Inner Effort

Inner Effort shares stories and the unseen Inner Efforts that real people use to manage the personal struggles and challenges in their lives. Those Inner Efforts can include self-coaching, coping tactics, mental tools and other mindful techniques and resources for:

  • Managing negative emotional states and thoughts.
  • Dealing with difficult life situations.
  • Stopping our bad habits and addictions.
  • Starting and keeping up good habits.
  • Beginning new careers, endeavors and entrepreneurship.
  • Supporting our creative processes and delivering work to others.
  • Performing and competing beyond our known limits.
  • Handling physical challenges and tests of mental toughness.

As a mindset, Inner Effort drives us to meet our goals, push past our failures and get through our struggles. It’s knowing to keep our approaches simple so we don’t get frustrated, become overwhelmed or want to give up. It’s reminding ourselves that small, consistent actions lead to change and growth. Those actions — they begin with Inner Effort.Alen Standish, founder of Inner Effort

History of Inner Effort

Inner Effort was launched in the summer of 2015 by Alen Standish. Alen is a husband, dad, app developer, writer and host of the Inner Effort podcast.

Beginning in 2011, Alen learned to manage several of his own personal struggles including a 15 year struggle with an eating disorder and crippling perfectionism. Alen began podcasting in 2012 as a way to share his experiences, to connect with others and to learn even more. Alen’s further discoveries about the power of mindfulness and how real people successfully managed their own challenges led him to create Inner Effort.