31. How to Start Feeling Happy

How to Start Feeling Happy pencil with the word HappySometimes we need to prime ourselves to start feeling happy. I’ve struggled with not feeling happy for most of my life. I’m not a naturally happy person but over the last few years I’ve learned to build myself up. Now almost every day I truly feel happy (and content!) and I even (most of the time) wear a smile throughout the day.

Learning to be happy wasn’t easy for me. So hard! It required daily… multiple times a day, focus and intent. Even now I have to pay attention to my mood states so I don’t slip but being happy is now SO MUCH EASIER!

For me, I learned that a tiny spark of happiness ignites more happiness. Those little fires require a lot of tending, especially in the beginning, but they grow and soon take a life of their own.

In this episode I share how I begin to generate happiness in my own mind when I need it the most. Hopefully this may help you learn to start feeling happy as well!

How to Start Feeling Happy

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